In this part we cover sequences. The main focus is on the ability to evaluate the limit of a given sequence. Some methods use results from the part Derivative; in fact when evaluating a limit, most of the times you will have to know how to do derivatives.

If you are using these pages to master evaluation of limits, we recommend that you first make sure that you understand the meaning of the limit and are familiar with the basic tools: comparison, squeeze, l'Hospital. This is explained in Theory. These basic methods are then used to solve many different types of problems, which is explained in Methods Survey and illustrated in Solved Problems.

In Exercises we offer several levels of problems. If you are not confident that you mastered basic methods, you should look at problems marked "basic methods". The problems there are very simple and you are told what to do. If you feel that you know how to do the tricks, you are ready for problems marked "simple" and "intermediate", where you also have to decide on the right approach. Problems marked "tough" are for those you want to know the stuff really well.