Absolventi (od roku 2013)

Jméno Název Práce Rok obhajoby
Matěj Novotný Analysis in Banach spaces 2020
Anna Pidnebesna Statistical Analysis of the Spatiotemporal Processes 2020
Michal Hroch Algebraic and Measure-theoretic Properties of the Structures Close to Boolean Algebras 2019
Matěj Dostál Two-dimensional Universal Algebra 2018
Jeannine Jozef Maria Gabriëls Algebraic Computations in Quantum Logics 2016
Martin Bohata Technique of Operator Algebras in Quantum Structures 2013
Zuzana Kúkelová Algebraic Methods in Computer Vision 2013
Oleksandr Shekhovtsov Exact and Partial Energy Minimization in Computer Vision 2013
Jiřina Scholtzová The Superalgebra Approach to Study of Subspaces of Skew-symmetric Elements in Free Algebras 2013


Za obsah odpovídá: doc. RNDr. Martin Bohata, Ph.D.