Prof. RNDr. Jiří ADÁMEK, DrSc.

E-mail: `family name' at
Phone: (+420) 2 2435 5108 (office)
(+420) 2 2435 5113 (department)

Research interests:

Category theory and its applications in computer science, locally presentable categories, topological categories.

Editorial activities:


Five monographs published with co-authors in international scientific publishing houses, four textbooks, and over 200 publications in refereed scientific journals (ten in the last three years, see the list below).

Most recent publications:

  1. J.Adámek, S.Milius and L.S.Moss, Fixed points of functors, Journal of Logical and Algebraic Methods in Programming 95 (2018) 41–81

  2. J.Adámek and L.Sousa, KZ-monadic categories and their logic, Theory and Applications of Categories 32 (2017), 338-379

  3. H.Urbat, J.Adámek, Liang-Ting Chen and S.Milius, Eilenberg theorems for free, Best Paper Award of the conference Mathematcal Foundations of Computer Science, Proceedings MFCS'17, LIPIcs 72 (2017), 43:1 - 43:15

  4. J.Adámek and S.Milius, On Corecursive Algebras for Functors Preserving Coproducts, Proceedings CALCO 2017, LIPIcs 72 (2017), 3:1-3:15

  5. J.Adámek, S.Milius and J.Velebil, A presentation of bases for parametrized iterativity, Theory and Application of Categories 32 (2017), 682-718

  6. J.Adámek, V.Koubek and T.Palm, Fixed points of set functors: how many iterations are needed? Applied Categorical Structures 24 (2016), 649-661

  7. J.Adámek, S.Milius and H.Urbat, Profinite Monads, Profinite Equations and Reitermann's Theorem Proceedings of the conference FoSSaCS'16, Lecture Notes Computer Science (ARCoSS), vol. 9634, pp. 531-547.

  8. J.Adámek and J.Rosický, On reflective subcategories of locally presentable categories, Theory and applications of categories 30 (2015), 1306-1318

  9. J.Adámek, P.B.Levy, S.Milius, L.S.Moss and L.Sousa, On final coalgebras of power-set functors and saturated trees Applied Categorical Structures 23 (2015), 609-641

  10. J.Adámek, H.Urbat and S.Milius, Syntactic monoids in a category, Best Paper Award of the conference Algebra and Coalgebra in Computer Science, Proceedings CALCO'15, Leibniz International Proceedings in Informatics (LIPIcs), vol. 35, pp. 1-16.

  11. J. Adámek, L. Sousa, and J. Velebil, Kan injectivity in order-enriched categories, Mathematical Structures in Computer Science (2015),6-45

  12. J. Adámek, S. Milius, R. Myers, and H. Urbat, Varieties of Languages in a Category, Logic in Computer Science (LICS'15)

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  18. R. Myers, J. Adámek, S. Milius and H. Urbat, Canonical Nondeterministic Automata, Proc. CMCS'14, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 8446 (2014), 189-210 Methods in Computer Science (CMCS 2014)

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