Research Areas

  • Banach Spaces

Team members: Petr Hájek, Jaroslav Tišer

Research interests: Structure of Separable and Nonseparable Banach Spaces, Smoothness and Renormings, Lipschitz Functions, Polynomials in Banach Spaces, Porous and Directionally Porous Sets, Covering and Differentiation Theorems in Hilbert Spaces.

  • Operator Algebras

Team members: Martin Bohata, Jan Hamhalter, Veronika Sobotíková

Research interests: C*-algebras, Jordan Algebras, Jordan Triple Systems, Noncommutative Measure Theory, Morphisms of Operator Structures, Independence of Operator Algebras, Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Theory.

  • Coalgebraic Methods in Computer Science

Team members: Jiří Adámek, Matěj Dostál, Jiří Velebil

Research interests: Coalgebras as Recursive Specifications, Iterative Algebras and their Generalizations, Semantics of Infinite Behaviour, Algebras Where Every Recursive Equation Admits a Strict Solution, Coequational Presentations of Coalgebras, Process Algebra.

  • Orthomodular structures (Quantum Logics)

Team members: Pavel Pták, Josef Tkadlec

Research interests: Orthomodular Posets, Effect Algebras, Concrete (Set-representable) Logics, Logics with a Symmetric Difference, Compatibility, States (Measures), Pastings of Logics, Constructions of Logics.

  • Stochastic Geometry

Team members: Kateřina Helisová

Research interests: Probabilistic Modelling and Statistical Analysis of Random Geometrical Objects, Point Processes, Random Sets, MCMC Simulations.

  • Algebras and Superalgebras

Team members: Natalia Zhukavets

Research interests: Lie, Alternative, Malcev and their Generalizations, Poisson and their Deformations.