Bachelor degree

Code Course Title Links
AE0B01LGR Logic and Graph Theory KOS
AE4B01DMA Discrete mathematics KOS
AE4B01JAG Languages, Automata and Grammars  
AE8B01AMA Advanced Matrix Analysis  
AE8B01DEN Differential Equations&Numerical Methods  
AE8B01DMG Discrete Math. & Graphs  
AE8B01LAG Linear Algebra  
AE8B01MC1 Mathematics-Calculus1  
AE8B01MCM Mathematics-Calculus m-D  
AE8B01MCT Mathematics-Complex Variable and Integral Transforms  
AE8B01OGT Optimalization and Game Theory  
AE8B01PSI Probability, Statistics, and Theory of Information  
BE5B01DEN Differential Equations&Numerical Methods KOS, Moodle
BE5B01DMG Discrete Mathematics and Graphs KOS, Moodle
BE5B01LAL Linear Algebra KOS, Moodle
BE5B01MA1 Calculus 1 KOS, Moodle
BE5B01MA2 Calculus 2 KOS, Moodle
BE5B01PRS Probability and Statistics KOS, Moodle

Master degree

Code Course Title Links
AE8M01ADP Algorithms for Distributed and Parallel Systems  
BE4M01TAL Theory of Algorithms KOS