Department of mathematics

Faculty of Electrical Engineering


Bachelor degree

Code Course Title Links
AE0B01LGR Logic and Graph Theory KOS
AE4B01DMA Discrete mathematics KOS
AE4B01JAG Languages, Automata and Grammars  
AE8B01AMA Advanced Matrix Analysis  
AE8B01CAS Comp.Alg.Syst.  
AE8B01DEN Differential Equations&Numerical Methods  
AE8B01DMG Discrete Math. & Graphs  
AE8B01LAG Linear Algebra  
AE8B01MC1 Mathematics-Calculus1  
AE8B01MCM Mathematics-Calculus m-D  
AE8B01MCT Mathematics-Complex Variable and Integral Transforms  
AE8B01OGT Optimalization and Game Theory  
AE8B01PSI Probability, Statistics, and Theory of Information  
BE5B01DEN Differential Equations&Numerical Methods KOS, Moodle
BE5B01DMG Discrete Mathematics and Graphs KOS, Moodle
BE5B01LAL Linear Algebra KOS, Moodle
BE5B01MA1 Calculus 1 KOS, Moodle
BE5B01MA2 Calculus 2 KOS, Moodle
BE5B01PRS Probability and Statistics KOS, Moodle

Master degree

Code Course Title Links
AE8M01ADP Algorithms for Distributed and Parallel Systems  
BE4M01TAL Theory of Algorithms KOS
Responsible person: doc. RNDr. Martin Bohata, Ph.D.