About us

Our mission is to provide a high-quality educational experience, the aim of which is to build up lifelong knowledge and skills not only for higher education and employment, but mainly for life itself. Additionally, mathematics helps us understand situations in different fields of science and technology.

Besides having our own PhD program Mathematical Engineering, the Department of Mathematics provides teaching of different Mathematics courses across all Bachelor, Master, and PhD programmes at the FEE at CTU in Prague. Moreover, the department also holds the habilitation and appointment procedure in the field of Applied Mathematics at the FEE at CTU in Prague.

The Mathematics Department has a long and established track record of impactful research working with a wide variety of academic partners and prominent international external collaborations.  The main focus of the department's scientific research includes Functional Analysis (Banach Spaces Theory, Operator Algebras, Non-linear Functional Analysis, Functions Spaces), Mathematical Foundations of Quantum theory, Measure theory, Category theory, Abstract Algebra, Probability and Statistics. The members of the department often work on joint projects together with many researchers around the globe.