Welcome to Math Tutor

Here you will hopefully find lots of help about introductory calculus. First you have to decide what version you are going to use. You can switch later on, so no pressure. The important thing to know is that Math Tutor uses four windows: navigation, main text, secondary text, and auxiliary. You can choose how you will see them, there are three versions offered:

  • Math Tutor - version with frames side-by-side. This is probably the best version, you can see all four windows at once.
  • Math Tutor - version with tabs. This is a quick fix for people who want to access Math Tutor on their phones. Each of the four windows has its own tab, but do not expect much comfort. Although it is all just basic HTML so one would expect some consistency, the fact is that on some phones it works reasonably well while on others it does really strange things.
  • Math Tutor - version with frames in a stack. This is for people who like to have their browser narrow so that they can do some other stuff on the other half of the screen. You can only see the first three windows at once, the fourth window (auxiliary) is a separate tab.

The pictures below may be helpful.




Responsible person: doc. Mgr. Petr Habala, Ph.D.