Functions - Exercises

If you want to refer to sections of Methods Survey while working the exercises, you can click here and it will appear in a separate full-size window. Similarly, here we offer Theory.

Remark concerning limits: If you want to practice the mechanics of various methods (limit algebra, l'Hospital's rule, cancelling, etc.), go to Basic methods. If you think that you mastered those methods and need practice in recognizing which method to use in a particular limit, go to Common limits. Tougher standard limits use common methods, but the calculations are more demanding.

Exercises on related topics are also in Derivatives - Exercises in the sections Graphing functions - Individual steps and in Graphing functions. In particular we use information on domain and limits there, determine asymptotes and we also investigate monotonicity and concavity using derivative (the standard procedure).
Implicit and parametric functions have their own section in Derivative - Exercises.