Department of mathematics

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Matěj Dostál

Assistant Professor
22435 5105


Letní semestr 2021: Logika a grafy

My research

I am learning categorical universal algebra. I am interested in some of its open research topics.


My talks



PhD thesis

My PhD thesis supervisor was Jirka Velebil.

Here is a link to my PhD thesis.

Master's thesis

My thesis deals with relation liftings. Relation lifting is a useful notion in coalgebra, it can be used to define bisimulation and to give semantics to Moss' coalgebraic logic. I generalise the standard notion of relation lifting to work with "fuzzy" relations -- relations with truth values taken from a certain Heyting algebra.

My thesis supervisor was Marta Bílková.

Here is a link to my thesis.

Responsible person: doc. RNDr. Martin Bohata, Ph.D.