prof. RNDr. Jan Hamhalter, CSc.

Professor, Head of the Department
22435 5101

Research interests: Operator algebras (C*-algebras, von Neumann algebras, Jordan algebras) and topological linear spaces, mainly state spaces of these structures; non-commutative measure and probability theory and operator formalism of quantum physics.

Curriculum Vitae

List of Publications

J.Hamhalter: Quantum Measure Theory

Teaching experience: Lectures both in Czech and English: Linear Algebra, Calculus, Complex Analysis, Fourier Analysis, Laplace transform, Z-Transform, Special Functions, Partial Differentian Equations, Probability Theory, Statistical Methods, Stochastic Processes, Wavelet Analysis, Theory of information and coding, Functional Analysis, Theory of Operator Algebras.

Complex Analysis and Integral Transforsms B3B01KAT1, A8B01MCT, A3M01MKI

Wavelet transform      

Classes of Operators (Malta-Erasmus)

Teorie informace a kódování            

Pokročilá analýza A0B01PAN