Probability and Statistics BE5B01PRS / Mathematics for Ecomomy BE1M01MEK

Current information

Midterm tests:
  • the 1st test (November 6, 10:30 AM): Bayes theorem, basic probability distributions (test here)
  • the 2nd test (November 27, 10:30 AM): covariance and independence of random variables, central limit theorem, maximum likelihood method (test from 2021)
  • the 3rd test (December 11, 10:30 AM): testing of statistical hypotheses, Markov chains (test from 2021)


Presentations of the lectured topics:

Records of the lectures from the winter semester 2020/21 can be foud here.


Exercises can be found here.
Table of values of distribution function of standard normal distribution and quantiles used for hypotheses testing.


During the semester, the students will write three midterm tests, each of them with maximum of 10 points. There will be a possibility to obtain points for the activity in the form of calculating examples by the blackboard (approximately 1-3 points for one example depending on its difficulty and on knowledge of the student).
The subject will be assigned to student if he/she obtains at least 20 points.


The subject must be assigned before passing the exam.
The exam will be in written form and it will consist of both theoretical and practical part. Maximum number of points is 100. The final mark will be:

A ... 90-100 points
B ... 80-89 points
C ... 70-79 points
D ... 60-69 points
E ... 50-59 points
F ... 0-49 points.